“TSARA” in Malagasy means “The Best”. We, our vanillas and our spices complimenting this name precisely because TSARA Flavours & Aroma is the entity setup in collaboration with hundreds of dedicated small holder farmers and the company is préparateur, collectionneur and exportateur based in Sambava - SAVA Region, MADAGASCAR - THE VANILLA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.

TSARA Flavours & Aroma has been in Vanilla cultivation and preparation since generations. We consider ourselves as group of farmers managing end to end supply chain in the vanilla sector at origin with traceability and sustainability as the core values of the company.

TSARA Flavours & Aroma enjoying full support of hundreds of dedicated small holder farmers within SAVA region along with established farmer co-operatives. The society is led by farmer himself keeping the lean supply chain to meet end to end without intermediaries.

TSARA Flavours & Aroma is based on the principals of sustainability, traceability, authenticity and social empowerment of small scale farmers with practices of organic cultivation, ecological balance and ethical business practices with fair price to everyone involved in the demand chain.

TSARA Flavours & Aroma is one the pioneers in promoting the diversity in farming by encouraging women farmers and promoting diversified crops like cinnamon, clove, cocoa and baire rose within the dedicated farmers to give stable and assured income to small holder farmers in addition to vanillas.

TSARA Flavours & Aroma is one of the strongest advocate of the responsible and sustainable sourcing with close ties directly with the farmers to supply sustainable vanillas & spices to consumers across globe.

We take pride that our vanillas & spices are Authentic, Sustainable, Organic, Fairtrade, Traceable, Ethical and Responsibly Sourced.

We are always interested in partnering with customers having same business values and if your company follows the similar principles, please contact us as we can be your preferred partner from Madagascar to add values to your products.

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