• TSARA Flavours & Aroma is farmer based company
  • TSARA Flavours & Aroma is responsible vanilla exporting company with sustainability, traceability and ethical business practices.
  • TSARA Flavours & Aroma is involved in CSR activities with the farmers directly with mission to stabilise and increase small holder farmer’s income throughout SAVA region with direct sourcing programmes with farmer and the co-operatives.
  • We and our farmers cultivate vanillas and spices in the fertile mountainous Marojejy Massif area of SAVA region with ancient way of cultivation i.e. harvesting green vanillas at maturity, traditional curing over 5-6 months before these vanillas and spices are delivered to famous flavour houses, chefs, confectionary producers and distilleries across the globe.
  • No Child Labour involved in our processes.
  • TSARA Flavours & Aroma is proud to have dedicated support of

  • Hundreds of Small holder farmers, villages and farmer co-operative growing vanillas and spices with traditional methods and organic certified methods in SAVA region.
  • Certified Organic Vanillas and Co-operative with Fairtrade (FLO) certified Bourbon Vanilla beans – Gourmet, red EU and US, TK, and vanilla powder.
  • We have large installation inside the village with certified organic curing facilities
  • Dedicated customer service in French, English and Malagasy.
  • Evolutions Of Group


    100 Farmers


    400 Farmers


    600 Farmers and Co-Operative.


    800 Farmers and 03 Co-Operatives.